British Gas services description:

This time around, we will take the website of British Gas and provide a short overview of all the services the company offers. Being one of the oldest companies in the world and the oldest energy supplier in the world British Gas has tons of great services and offers on the go. Let’s check out what you can get if you are a customer of British Gas.

This time around we will take a look at what’s offered through the official website of British Gas as a kind of overview of their services.

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Energy related services:

This section represents us with the following options:
The table of tariffs for gas and electricity: this section represents us with the basic tarif packages and also features some of the actual discounts which are offered either for new members or for all members. Tariffs vary according to someone’s need: from variable which is measuring based to fixed tariffs which is more worth for the larger households.

Get a quote options: here one can ask for a quote, by providing some basic details on their size of home and basic energy consumption options.

Connections for new builds: this is an offer for newly built houses or other residential or office buildings including full installation of gas and electricity.

Warm Home discount: this was an offer to which application is now over. It was a discount option upon which the company helps a family who is proved to be suitable for the discount with GBP 140. This was a program which was supported by the government as well.

Home Services: this section includes all the home base services as follows:

Home coverage options: introducing the HomeCare packages offered by British Gas by way of multiple types of packages to cover every gas and electricity related costs. There are 4-5 different packages offered for different sort of households.
Boiler & heating replacement: offering new boilers along with installation. This section also contains any possible offers, such as the deduction of GBP 200 from the total price of a boiler if the customer decides to change their old boiler.

One-off repair service: this is a service which is offered for those who are not yet customers of the company. The services cover the repair of any boilers, kitchen appliances, home electrical repair and even plumbing and drains repair.
Boiler safety: read more details about the annual boiler service offered by the company to ensure the safety of a heating boiler for the whole family.

Landlords’ cover: this is a collection of packages which is specifically for larger residential units. The packages include cover, repair and insurance related services.

Home insurance: introducing building and content insurance packages by British Gas offered jointly or separately as well.

This was only the larger section of offers which can be found on the official website of British Gas. Apart from maintenance and repair services the company also has good selection of its goods such as boilers and environmentally friendly goods and tools.

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