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Oregon businesses try to green their practices, in ways little and large

The Oregonian
Carrie Sturrock
21 Apr 2011

Ruby Receptionists didn’t win a BEST award for greening its practices, but it’s still awfully good.

The city of Portland’s Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow awards announced this week—the green Oscars—rewarded outstanding sustainable companies. Barbur Storage won a BEST award for, among other things, installing 108 solar panels to generate renewable power. The Rose Quarter/Portland Trail Blazers did, too, for their many sustainable practices, including purchasing 100 percent renewable power, slashing water use by 30 percent and having the only existing professional sports arena in the world that’s LEED Gold certified.

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Where sustainability is business as usual

The Oregonian
Jake Cohen
30 Jul 2009

When owner Angel O’Brien learned her shop, Ladybug Organic Coffee Co., was named a co-winner of Portland’s BEST Award for Sustainable Food Systems in the spring, she wasn’t content to stop with the award.

“I called (the BEST Business Center) and said, ‘I want someone to come out and see what else I can do to be more efficient,‘“ she said.

The 2-year-old coffee shop has already left its mark, or lack thereof, on St. Johns and Portland by donating, recycling and composting nearly everything its customers don’t consume.

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Introducing the BEST Business Center

By: Rebecca Heathcock
01 05 2009

Why should businesses care about a healthy and prosperous Portland?

BEST Business Center
22 01 2009

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Press Releases & Announcements

2010 Business Survey Results

Pam Neild
07 Dec 2010

What motivates Portland businesses to engage in green activities? What activities are already in progress? What types of free sustainability assistance should the City provide?

Find out the answers to these questions and more by viewing results from the 2010 Business Survey conducted during an evaluation of the BEST Business Center program.

BEST Business Center awards first ‘Portland Climate Champion’

Christine Llobregat
15 Jun 2009

Some businesses go above and beyond with recycling, and others go even further to reduce their carbon emissions. The Portland office of engineering and consulting firm Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch (M+NLB) is the first Portland business to receive the BEST Business Center’s new “Portland Climate Champion” recognition. To earn this honor, M+NLB staff completed the Portland Climate Champions application and demonstrated their carbon reduction efforts during an onsite verification visit with the BEST Business Center’s sustainability advisors.

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