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2010 BEST Awards Applicants

We received over 60 applications for the 2010 BEST Awards in the seven categories listed below.  Winners were announced at the 18th annual BEST Awards Breakfast on April 20, 2010.

BEST Practices Large

The Boeing Company

Boeing is pioneering environmentally progressive products and services, bringing industry together to become more aligned on environmental improvement opportunities and reducing energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste at our facilities. Much of this work is the result of employee innovation and the same spirit that has driven Boeing’s leadership in aerospace for nearly 100 years.  Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. Boeing has customers in more than 90 countries and is one of the largest U.S. exporters in terms of sales. Headquartered in Chicago, Boeing employs more than 157,000 people.

Clean Water Services

Clean Water Services is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2010. As the water resource management utility for more than 500,000 people in urban Washington County and small portions of Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Lake Oswego and Portland, Clean Water Services operates four wastewater treatment facilities, constructs and maintains the public drainage system, and manages flow in the Tualatin River to improve water quality and protect fish habitat. Although Clean Water Services maintains a close working relationship with Washington County government, it is a separately managed and financed public utility.

Pacific Natural Foods

Pacific Natural Foods is a local, family-owned natural foods company founded in 1987.  We are dedicated to creating foods that capture the most delicious tastes from what nature has provided.  As an Oregon company that has always been exclusively focused on natural and organic foods, sustainability has been a central part of our identity from the very beginning.  At Pacific Natural Foods, we strive to integrate social, environmental and economic considerations – the triple bottom line – into every business decision; from purchasing to manufacturing, farming to packaging, we aspire to leave a positive footprint. 


For nearly 30 years, PECI has been dedicated to developing and delivering innovative energy efficiency projects, programs and research. Through its work, PECI demonstrates its commitment to energy efficiency, careful resource management, and healthy, vibrant communities. This commitment is also an integral part of the company’s day-to-day operations. In short, PECI ‘walks the talk’ in all that it does. From company-wide practices that reduce its energy consumption and environmental footprint, to volunteering in our local community, to corporate non-profit donations, PECI makes choices every day that support its core values.

Port of Portland

The Port of Portland is a regional port authority operating in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. The Port’s three airports, three marine terminals, and numerous industrial parks are located near major rivers, wetlands, neighborhoods, and parks, so how we do our jobs matters. Guided by our environmental and sustainability policies and a Port-wide environmental management system, we pursue our mission to meet the region’s transportation needs while improving quality of life.

Purdy Facilities / Sherwin-Williams Company

Purdy is proud of the many accomplishments we have achieved over the past few years with regards to sustainability. Our green team is dedicated to all sustainability efforts.  We continuously strive to make our employees and customers proud to work/buy from a company that cares about the environment and the future of their families. We are committed to making the earth a better place to live by watching out for the environment and by being aware of how we handle all materials that pass through our plant.  Purdy is at the forefront of sustainability for the Sherwin-Williams Company. We cherish this role and will continue to implement projects that will show we are industry leaders.

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt Law Firm

We at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt acknowledge the importance of our role as citizens of the communities we serve. And we acknowledge our special responsibilities to those communities. We appreciate the many benefits we have come to enjoy as members of our communities. From that appreciation is an acknowledged responsibility to “give back” to those communities. Central to our beliefs is the notion that a vibrant, diverse, energized and sustainable community with well-functioning public and private institutions will bring out the very best of its citizens. It will promote the liveability and enrich the culture of our communities and their attractiveness to a diversity of individuals and businesses.

Skanska USA Building

One of the foremost leaders in green construction, Skanska is committed to collaborating with our clients to provide customized, innovative, and environmentally responsible solutions for all facility types. We are committed to being a responsible company that considers the triple bottom line of sustainability: social, economic and environmental responsibility.  Skanska’s green commitment is reflected in our daily business practices on our project sites and in our offices. We see our offices as venues to improve the environment while providing new, energy and eco-efficient office space for our employees.  We are even developing new and rehabilitating existing spaces to be greener. 

Standard Insurance Company (The Standard)

and other subsidiaries of StanCorp Financial Group

At The Standard, we provide products and services that people need to feel confident and secure about their future. Our sustainable practices are an extension of this vision, helping create healthy environments and strong, vibrant communities. Our increased focus on efforts ranging from renewable energy to alternative transportation to recycling and community-based volunteerism is making a real difference. We know sustainable practices help ensure a better future for everyone and acknowledge our responsibility in creating that future. The Standard will continue seeking opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to sustainability.

BEST Practices Medium

Coffee Bean International

We moved in September 2008 to a new facility, which is a repurposed warehouse that was customized around our core competency: artisan batch coffee roasting at scale. We are the first coffee roaster in the Northwest and second nationally to achieve LEED certification for a roastery. While we are extremely proud of the efficiencies of our LEED-certified building, the massive reduction of tons in the waste stream, a reduction in our GHG emissions per roasted pound, and a strong culture of sustainability, we believe our biggest impact will be in large-scale effort to improve coffee quality globally (which will improve the social equity of millions of coffee growers).

Crowne Plaza Portland / Convention Center

The Crowne Plaza Portland is the place to meet and the place to have a better night’s sleep.  Sleep with the confidence that every breath you take and every temperature you make has less impact on the environment thanks to our high efficiency boilers and HVAC equipment.  We would like to extend gratitude to each of our employees that maintain our sustainable business culture, and the property owners, Hollander Investments.  Also to our many vendors and business partners vendors that assist us with our sustainable business initiatives.  Thank you Best Awards program through the City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

Embassy Suites Portland Downtown

Globally Hilton has committed to reducing: energy consumption, Co2 emissions and waste output by 20 percent plus reducing water consumption by 10 percent plus many other initiatives for all Hilton Owned Hotels by the year 2014.  Locally at our property we have been going far above and beyond standards and laying down the path for others to follow.  Our interests and passions go beyond ourselves to working together with our community and business leaders to conserve our global resources, improve efficiency, reduce waste, and in doing so saving money and have fun at the same time.

Grand Central Baking Company

Headquartered in Portland, Grand Central is a Northwest-based, family-owned business dedicated to the craft of artisan baking and scratch-cooking with local, seasonal ingredients. You’ll find socially responsible, innovative business practices and environmental advocacy behind our operations and products, and a clear commitment to giving back to the communities that support us.  Grand Central operates as a wholesale baker of artisan breads; a family of eight neighborhood bakery cafes, and a catering business. Each of our cafes is a part of the community it serves. We’re dedicated to nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with our neighbors, in addition to customers, employees and vendor

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Hopworks Urban Brewery is Portland’s fist Eco-brewpub. HUB is committed to sustainable building construction, healthy land use and management, mindful water use and re-use, organic and local ingredients for food and beverage production, healthy and fun work environment, excellent customer service, 100% smart energy, and a 0% waste initiative

Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch

Sustainability for M+NLB is all about understanding the resource needs of a facility and then minimizing consumption, maximizing utilization and reducing waste. We have been designing energy-efficient buildings for 50 years. As sustainable design has moved into the forefront of responsible building technology, so has our reputation as sustainable design experts with recognized projects across the country. Our portfolio also includes a research component focusing on alternative energy reduction strategies and our work with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to develop a benchmarking protocol for testing hospital system efficiencies for the California Energy Commission.

Oregon Zoo

With over 1.6 million visitors in 2009, the Oregon Zoo is the most visited paid attraction in the state of Oregon.  The zoo strives to “Inspire the community to create a better future for wildlife”.  A large part of that effort includes inspiring our guests to think about the impacts their daily actions have in their neighborhoods, in the the Northwest region as well as the impact they may have in other parts of the globe.  It is our goal to be the resource for the community for living sustainably.

Pacific Landscape Management

Pacific Landscape Management is committed to be environmental stewards as love for the environment is what attracted them to the industry. They are proud to help enhance the quality of life in our community through maintaining healthy landscape environments. Healthy landscapes provide many environmental benefits. On the flipside, landscape maintenance practices can have a negative environmental impact. Pacific Landscape Management has made it a point to lead the industry in improving landscape management practices by embracing organics, reducing the use of chemicals, adding ecosystem services into the landscape, and operating internally with a holistically sustainable approach.

Perkins Coie LLP

Perkins Coie recognizes that our actions and decisions impact the environment. It is our policy to act as a responsible global citizen by aggressively pursuing and selecting, where reasonable and appropriate, alternatives that fulfill the vital needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is our goal to help preserve and protect the world’s ecosystems and natural resources.  The firm will seek opportunities to be active on sustainability initiatives in the communities in which we have offices. This will include appropriate civic activities, as well as pro bono projects as available.

Walsh Construction Co.

Building Smart, Building Green, Building Community; the employees of Walsh Construction Co. are exceptional builders, benefactors, and businesspeople. WCC strives to incorporate sustainability from top to bottom in management, construction practices, employee relations, environmental impact, and community and business outreach. WCC has become the Northwest’s leading general contractor working with non-profit agencies who provide affordable housing, support programs, shelter, food and more. Our association with these agencies has been inspirational. As we help our clients to build green buildings, their causes unite us in the common goal of contributing to the livability of our communities. 

BEST Practices Small

Bamboo Sushi

In partnership with the world’s leading marine conservation organizations, Bamboo Sushi is proud to be the first certified, sustainable sushi restaurant in the world. Born out of a desire to change the existing business paradigm that says altruism and profitability are mutually exclusive, Bamboo Sushi represents an innovative business that aims to do good for its customers, its community, and the environment, while still earning a profit. Ultimately, Bamboo Sushi employs business practices that serve to achieve greater social equity and support the local economy, while ensuring the highest standard of environmental sustainability possible.

Boly:Welch Recruiting

As business leaders with a great passion for the future of our community, Boly:Welch is committed to developing, facilitating and encouraging sustainable business practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the welfare of future generations. We pledge to develop strategies and purchasing policies that will enable us to move towards sustainability while enhancing the value we bring to our clients, candidates and our employees.

DeSantis Landscapes

DeSantis Landscapes is a family-owned, nationally recognized landscape company with offices in Salem and Portland. Our landscape projects range from commercial properties, to large private estates, to the most intimate residential gardens. In all cases, DeSantis creates and maintains balanced environments of extraordinary beauty and functionality.
Owner, Dean DeSantis, states, “Our commitment to sustainability has become the foundation of our company. It goes beyond our commitment to natural landscaping practices and into the day-to-day operations of our business.“
DeSantis Landscapes: Creating Beauty, Respecting Nature

Elliott Associates, Inc.

Elliott Associates, Inc. (EAI) is a small company with big emphasis on how our everyday actions affect the world around us. We have committed ourselves through our practices and business ideology to the idea that our actions affect the world in which we live and good business cannot be achieved without also promoting the core values we believe in. It is for this reason that we strive to be better, not just in business, but also in our commitment to sustainable practices and the future of our planet.

The Joinery

The Joinery designs & hand-crafts honest, inspired furniture. Committed to a sustainable business model of creating enduring, solid wood furniture using sustainably harvested woods, The Joinery also continually seeks to reduce waste from operations. The furniture is solid, durable and designed using timeless, classic references that will last forever. The Joinery are stewards in day-to-day operations by powering the workshop & showroom with wind power, composting, harvesting rainwater for use in our garden & encouraging employees to walk, bike, or transit to work.  The Joinery is proud to be a company who makes furniture that is handed down from one generation to the next.

Prem Group

PREM Group is a real estate management company that combines a thorough understanding of the real estate cycle with the ability to create sustainable operating principles and cutting edge technologies. We integrate and focus the talents and expertise of our people in providing strategic advice and innovative solutions necessary to help our customers maximize the value of their real estate.
We believe our technical expertise is unique to the real estate industry. Not only do we know technology, we understand it. That translates into the ability to provide our customers with the information they need to effectively manage their business, saving them time and money.

Provvista Specialty Foods, Inc

Provvista Specialty Foods, Inc, is an importer and distributor of high quality ingredients for local and regional chefs and fine grocery stores.  By incorporating sustainability as a core piece of our mission, we have identified and implemented numerous practices that positively impact the environment and our local community.  We buy wind energy, have an ambitious waste reduction and recycling program, focus our charitable donations toward reducing hunger in our community, and encourage our staff to adopt sustainable practices both at work and at home.  Because we have been engaged in these practices for many years, we have become a resource for our customers, our vendors, and other business

Shin Shin Foods

Shin Shin Foods Inc. is a food manufacturer of authentic Chinese noodles and pastry wrappers with a growing line of specialty co-packed products and value add processing located in the heart of Portland. Under the leadership of Mychael Mai since 2001, sales have grown at 18% annually while maintaining a firm commitment to the environment and the community.  81% reduction in waste has been achieved through recycling, reprocessing, and more efficient manufacturing. The facility has been under constant upgrading to reduce energy consumption. This year 45,000 kHw will be saved through a lighting upgrade. Shin Shin Foods looks to the future continuing to be a leader in sustainable manufacturing.

BEST Practices Very Small

Belle Epoque

At Belle Epoque, we believe we can change the course of the high-resource and chemically dependent beauty industry.  By implementing environmental practices as the core of our business practice, we can impact an industry at the local level through educating our clients, our colleagues, our competitors, and our community.  We believe our practices continue to increase the demand for “green” hair salons and products without sacrificing the effectiveness of our services or our bottom line.

The Green Microgym

Big results. Small footprint. The path to a more meaningful workout starts with a new kind of gym. At The Green Microgym, lowly calories are converted into precious watts. You power your own gym. Friends and neighbors, sweating it out together, all in the name of feeling good.  In 2009, through our energy creation and saving culture, we generated 36% of our own electricity (combining human and solar power), and we saved 37,000 Kilowatt hours or 85% (compared to traditional gyms per square foot). Those 37,000 Kilowatt hours saved are equal to: 74,000 pounds of carbon emissions; 81,400 miles not driven; 15 acres of trees planted.

Northwest Earth Institute

The Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) is recognized as a national leader in the development of innovative programs that empower individuals and organizations to transform culture toward a sustainable and enriching future.  NWEI offers eight small-group discussion courses on sustainability issues, such as food, climate change, and sustainable business.  These self-guided discussion courses are offered in workplaces, universities, homes, faith centers, neighborhoods, and community centers.  In an effort to ‘walk the talk’ which NWEI works to share throughout North America, NWEI continually works to improve internal sustainability.

Pie Footwear

Pie Footwear is an environmentally and socially conscious footwear boutique for men and women, offering year around in-store shoe recycling programs and a wide variety of vegan friendly shoes. Pie Footwear encourages consumers to indulge responsibly and join them in supporting footwear companies actively working to change industry standards, by innovating sustainable corporate practices, producing products under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions and offering environmentally conscious footwear collections.

SCRAP (School & Community Reuse Action Project)

SCRAP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing education programs and affordable materials to the community. We collect clean, reusable creative materials from businesses and individuals. The SCRAP Reuse Center combines a retail shop offering an ever-changing variety of materials suitable for art, craft and school use with a public workshop room, inspirational ideas and instruction. In 2009 SCRAP diverted 64 tons of material from the waste stream.

Sparkling Palaces

Sparkling Palaces - Immaculate Green Cleaning - specializes in residential and commercial cleaning using Activeion cleaning technology.  Our chemical-free cleaning lets us clean safely around kids, pets and clients with allergies.  We travel less than 15 miles in our cars to clean your home or office, and we ask to clean your neighbor’s house on the same day to reduce our carbon-output through “Low-Impact Scheduling.“  We’ll clean for you with reclaimed surgical rags and our Sparklers will enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done when you rate your cleaning online.  We always want honest and open feedback to improve our business practices.

Sustainable Products or Services

B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery

B-Line partners with companies to take care of their urban core delivery and advertising needs so that they don’t have to deal with the inefficiency and difficulty of taking their semis, box trucks and big vans to deliver to their smaller accounts.  We use commercial, heavy duty electric assist trike trucks that have 60 cubic feet and 600+ pounds of carrying capacity to take relatively small loads of a wide variety of products into the urban core.  Essentially we provide the right tool for the job of distributing goods over that difficult, but vitally important, last mile while improving the environment and community for everyone.

Citybikes Worker Owned Cooperative

Citybikes Worker Owned Cooperative has been a fixture on the Portland Bicycle scene since 1990.  We have a commitment to recycling in terms of offering used parts and bicycles.  We have a commitment to our workers by transitioning them into owners and thus having more of a stake in the locality.  The Citybike Bike Bucket is a perfect representation of our values at Citybikes… affordable, durable, functional product made of recycled items locally produced.

Clean Air Lawn Care

Clean. Green. Organic. Clean Air Lawn Care is Portland’s leading full-service sustainable lawn care company. When you sign up for lawn maintenance with Clean Air Lawn Care, you are signing up for the cleanest & healthiest lawn service available.  Solar-Power, Quiet Electric Equipment, Organic Fertilizers.  We are committed to beautifully groomed lawns. We offer weekly service for residential and commercial lawns. Our service includes lawn mowing, trimming, blowing, and grass removal to a waste recycling center. Additionally, we offer Spring and Fall clean-ups and basic landscaping assistance.

Crossroads Trading Company

Crossroads Trading Company has been buying, selling and trading clothing in a fun and friendly atmosphere since 1991.  The winner of more than 70 “Best of” awards, the company is committed to providing high quality “recycled fashion.“

Dynamic Drain

Dynamic Drain Solutions, Inc. makes the EverClear line of bathroom drain inserts.  DDSI has made social responsibility a cornerstone of its business by selling products with significant safety enhancements over competing products, and by primarily using local companies to provide manufacturing, assembly, and distribution services.  DDSI has made environmental responsibility central to its approach by making products that eliminate the need for caustic chemicals, avoid the use of PVC plastics, minimize the use of plastic packaging, and utilize a centralized logistics chain to decrease their carbon footprint.

ECO Car Wash

ECO Car Wash the #1 environmental car wash. Through our auto manufacturer approved 3 minute brushless wash, ECO Car Wash minimizes our carbon footprint by investing in innovative technology. Go Green, Wash ECO!  ECO Car Wash has made improvements that will provide you with a cleaner, drier car in 3 minutes or less. ECO experts now use biodegradable super cleaners to spray your vehicle prior to running it through our patented wash system. Next it’s processed through our computer-controlled water management system using only biodegradable, acid-free shampoos and polishes. ECO Car Wash products are safe for your vehicle and the environment.


Entermodal believes that design can be a force for positive and meaningful change. Combined with a dedication to
quality and perfection, this perspective inspires our blend of form, function, and sustainability.

Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Having been in business for more than half a century, we know that leadership is not a short-term proposition. For us, environmental stewardship is a long-term approach to addressing those parts of the world that we touch with our business, and involving ourselves with those issues over which we have some influence. It’s an approach built upon a commitment to ensure the sustainability of our business, as well as the sustainability of the world we all share.—Enterprise Holdings

FMYI [for my information], Inc.

By considering the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit in all we do, we endeavor to build an enduring business with minimum ecological impact and maximum social value. We believe that is not just the right thing to do, but also its smart business. We are committed to sustainability internally and to injecting sustainability into the business practices of its clients. We demonstrate our commitment to energy efficiency in our business operations by providing alternative transportation options for employees, and implementing a robust waste reduction, sustainable purchasing, and recycling program.

Green Hammer, Inc.

Green Hammer, a socially responsible design and build company, has been a leader in innovative design and build services and is dedicated to designing and building to systematically incorporate natural, local, low carbon, and non-toxic materials while utilizing the most advanced energy and water conservation systems and techniques available. With a team of Building Performance Institute (BPI) technicians and Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC’s), Green Hammer brings Home Performance diagnostics and highly advanced energy conservation standards to every project and is committed to leading the way by building on its expertise in energy conservation.

GreenPosting, the Portland area resource on sustainable living, is grassroots, entrepreneurial, and sustainability focused. We are growing everyday in sales and in the public eye as being a genuine reliable online destination to learn about businesses to use, tips to be green, and events to enjoy. We help businesses become green minded through our consulting, allowing for environamental conscientious to develop in every part of everyones lives we encounter.


KONE provides it customers with industry-leading elevators, escalators, autowalks and innovative solutions for modernization and maintenance.  Our objective is to offer the best People Flow experience by developing and delivering solutions that enable people to move smoothly, safely, comfortably and without waiting in buildings in an increasingly urban environment.  We are committed to pioneering the development of energy-efficient products that maximize eco-efficiency over their lifetime and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint. We also participate in local projects that strive to to improve the welfare of the surrounding community. 


LOOPTWORKS creates clothing and gear from 100% upcycled materials for the urban/outdoor enthusiast.excess. Everything we make is from pre-consumer excess – in other words, materials that get leftover at the factory. Instead of using the world’s limited resources to create new materials, LOOPTWORKS uses high quality, never before used excess materials that already exist. Since we do not know how much material we will find, each product is an individually numbered limited-edition item. Looptworks functions from one simple principle - use only what already exists.  It takes more than 400 gallons of water to make 1 Organic cotton t-shirt. Thanks for upcycling.

Orange Splot LLC

We seek to build model community-oriented, green, affordable and energy-efficient housing developments that inspire other developers, architects and community-builders to steer their own projects in a similar direction.  We build small homes with great attention to detail, and whimsical themes that put local artists to work.  We also work closely with minority-owned firms in the construction process and with community groups to keep the homes affordable in the long term. People are thinking about housing in a new and different way as they strive to live their values and minimize environmental footprints.  They are looking for models to learn from.  We’re doing our best to get them built.

Plas2Fuel Corporation

Plas2Fuel Corporation is an alternative energy company that designs, manufactures, operates and services an industrial scale system used to convert waste plastic into synthetic crude oil. Our vision is for an entire planet with zero mixed waste plastic polluting our environment and that all plastic is recycled conventionally or via Plas2Fuel’s technology. And our mission is to improve the earth’s environment as the leading provider of technologies that enable customers to convert plastics to petroleum products - simply, safely and profitably.

Portland Bicycle tours

Portland Bicycle Tours offers local sightseeing and adventure tours of Portland and Oregon State. They provide many services that strive for sustainability through education and safe recreational enjoyment, including a close look at our natural and urban surroundings and the relationship between the two. From a “bike share” program for local commuters, to free bike commuting and maintenance workshops, to active transportation event organizing, daily practices of the company work toward shared community goals. They use a recycled fleet of bikes, have a fossil fuel free business model, and specifically facilitate tours of green and sustainable topics and practices to educate and inspire.

Stardust Glass, LLC

Stardust Glass Founders, Jason & Megan Coleman of Portland, OR, focus on the creative and artistic elements of tile making, rather than an emphasis on mass production. Their artisan tiles are different because each tile is handcrafted using 87-97% recycled glass-content, produced using eco-friendly manufacturing practices. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact through use of recycled pre-consumer scrap glass, typically headed for the landfill, and with our commitment to using recyclable materials for product packing and shipping. In addition, we use a kiln to fuse our glass tiles, rather than a furnace, which uses more energy and produces harmful emissions.

Sustainable Northwest Wood, Inc.

As a wholesale yard, Sustainable Northwest Wood connects local mills to green building markets, serving both regional producers and conscientious consumers. Our mission is to make buying local and sustainable the wisest and easiest option, thus placing homegrown business in the heart of the green building movement.
We stock a wide range of products including dimensional material, interior and exterior finish lumber, and spectacular native hardwoods. Every thing we carry is from the Pacific Northwest and grown on forests managed either to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or as part of a stewardship program restoring native ecosystems. By buying from local businesses, we support the communities needed to lead the conservation economy of our future.

Trillium Artisans

All products produced by Trillium Artisans reflect their commitment to sustainability: they are created with at least 50% recycled or reclaimed materials, and are priced to pay the artisan a living wage. They offer home decor and garden items, women’s accessories, pet playthings, gifts, children’s toys and apparel. Trillium Artisans is a nonprofit microenterprise support and community economic development program that empowers artisans and actively connects them to markets. Trillium’s primary goal is to help low-income artisans increase their craft business income and build sustainable microenterprises.

Green Building

Miranda Homes

You may have heard the saying, “You can’t un-ring a bell.“ Sometimes you just can’t go back and change things.  When a fruit grower decides to grow organic fruit they change their whole way of doing things. There’s no way to make fruit organic after the fact. There’s no “Bolt-On” alternative to doing things right from the start.  The same is true when building homes. We can’t start thinking about energy efficiency, lifespan, health and comfort of a home after it’s built. There are certain essential components that just have to be built in. It starts with a clean slate and reconsideration of every system with the whole house in mind.  We call it, “Built-In Performance” and we don’t build homes without it.

Mississippi Avenue Lofts LLC

The Mississippi Avenue Lofts is a just completed innovative infill mixed-use condominium project - expected to be certified LEED Platinum - with 32 one- and two-bedroom lofts, studios, modest penthouses and contemporary architectural excellence compatible with the historic Mississippi Avenue district. The building features an open air interior courtyard filled with black bamboo, providing integrated daylighting and natural ventilation. Green building innovations include a state of the art building energy sharing system up to three times more efficient than comparable projects.  Greatly reduced energy, water, and fossil fuel use will result in much lower utility costs.

ZGF Architects LLP

Rising 23 stories above Portland’s evolving West End neighborhood, Twelve|West is a mixed-use building designed to meet two LEED Platinum Certifications and serve as a laboratory for cutting-edge, sustainable design strategies. It features street level retail space, four floors of office space for ZGF Architects LLP, 17 floors of apartments and five levels of below-grade parking. Four wind turbines sit prominently atop the building representing the first U.S. installation of a wind turbine array on an urban, high-rise. Twelve|West serves as not only an anchor in a rapidly transforming urban neighborhood, but also as a demonstration project to inform future sustainable building design.

University of Portland - Shiley Hall

The renovation and expansion of Shiley Hall, the Engineering Building at the University of Portland, created 80 percent more useable space for classrooms labs, shop facilities, faculty and administrative offices, conference rooms, a study center, and UP’s data center.  The building is at the LEED platinum level, incorporating many sustainable features, including: energy efficient windows, lighting, heating and cooling; reuse of materials, use of recycled materials, and sustainably harvested wood; efficient water fixtures; and sustainable stormwater management.  It provides for effective use of facilities, efficient movement of people, and allows extensive daylight.

Sustainable Food Systems


Burgerville is a family-owned restaurant company operating 39 locations in Oregon and Washington. Our menu and restaurants provide all kinds of people with access to our region’s best fresh, locally and sustainably produced ingredients. We hold our sustainable food system as one big network of people connected by a shared vision to change the way our food system works for the better, from local farmers, processors and distributers, to the talent in our restaurants, to our guests composting and recycling their trash, to the waste haulers and processors who bring our used cooking oil, food scraps and packaging waste full circle.

Doubletree Hotel Portland

The Doubletree Hotel Portland is committed to incorporating sustainable practices in every aspect of our business. Our key priorities include community involvement, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and localized purchasing and transparency in our efforts and future goals.  As a large convention hotel, one of the biggest areas of impact we manage is our Food and Beverage operation.

The Garden Coop LLC

The Garden Coop LLC offers innovative, city-friendly do-it-yourself chicken coop plans and design resources online at The designs, plans, and ideas address many of the issues that often stand in the way of people raising chickens in urban settings—including predator/pest protection, space, ventilation, construction knowledge, aesthetics, neighbor approval, and cost. The plans we offer are paperless and fairly priced. And the coops are designed right. So people are empowered to get the most out of the hobby from the start—raising garden-fresh eggs, reducing food waste, educating their family and neighbors about animals, and creating rich fertilizer—all without turning their backyard into a barnyard.

HOTLIPS Pizza + Soda

In 2009, HOTLIPS paid over $100,000 to local produce farmers, and purchased 36,000 lbs. of fruit from Willamette and Rogue Valley (an additional $55,000 to farmers). In 2010, we will spend $72,000 on fruit and berries, a conservative estimate, and at least the same amount on produce. We believe that the most powerful contribution we can make to a healthy environment and to the culture of our region is to be engaged citizens, innovate and be responsible role models. We buy as much local produce as possible and teach sustainable business principles directly and by example, all strengthening this place we live. HOTLIPS, a trusted brand, is an established and viable platform for all this.

New Seasons Market

When we started out in 2000, we knew what was most important: be a neighborhood store, a friendly place to shop, a supportive food and farm partner, and a vibrant, equitable place to work. New Seasons Market, a locally owned and operated grocery, is now nine stores strong across three counties, employing over 1700 people. From the very beginning, we have been committed to sustainable business values and practices. More than a business model, this is the basis of who we are as people engaged in a local and global community. It’s a passion and a way of life that we believe in supporting—from farm to people to compost and back to the farm. We believe in the full circle.

Ovations Food Services, LLP

Ovations strives to provide good jobs to a diverse portion of the community, be conscious of our environmental impacts, and keep the Rose Quarter an entertaining and thriving part of our city for years to come. We do this by providing local and sustainable services, one plate at a time.

Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli

Papa G’s is the restaurant of the future.  We use only organic natural ingredients in all of the food that we prepare from scratch.  All of our food is local and farm direct when available.  We also use all compostable and recycled to go containers and paper products, we don’t even have a trash can in our lobby.  We believe in making the most sustainable choices in every decision that we make and offer great tasting, affordable, organic, natural food prepared with care.  Being a vegan company is also another sign of our commitment to sustainability. 

Salt, Fire & Time

Salt, Fire & Time is a Community Supported Kitchen that strives to create as much transparency as possible from farmer to consumer through a weekly pick-up of prepared foods, classes and educational community feasts. The focus of this business is to restore and preserve our food heritage while sharing information about nutrient density and the importance of healthy cooking techniques, minimizing waste and the true cost of food. This is a place where people are introduced to their roles in this local food economy as well as being empowered to participate in it in a healthy manner.