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BEST Practices for Sustainability: Medium organization


Hopworks Urban Brewery

Hopworks Urban Brewery is Portland’s fist Eco-brewpub. HUB is committed to sustainable building construction, healthy land use and management, mindful water use and re-use, organic and local ingredients for food and beverage production, healthy and fun work environment, excellent customer service, 100% smart energy and a 0% waste initiative.

Employees in Portland metro area: 58
Type of business: Restaurant & Brewery

    Energy conservation:
  • Energy efficient light bulbs, timers and sensors
  • ENERGY STAR appliances including hand dryers in bathrooms
  • Purchase 100 percent renewable energy through PGE
  • Offset 100 percent carbon emissions with ClearSky Climate Solutions
    Water efficiency:
  • Low-flow toilets, faucets and dish-washing machinery
  • Catch and store 1,100 gallons of rainfall for dry season irrigation and cleaning
  • Use impervious pavers on 6,000 square foot parking lot
  • Roof run-off infiltrates to groundwater through a 5,000 gallon retention pond
    Waste reduction:
  • Zero percent waste initiative
  • Mandatory waste training program for all staff
  • Participate in Portland Composts! program
  • Work with local companies such as St. Vincent de Paul Food Recovery Network, Organic Valley Coop and Dragonfly Chai to have materials reused
    Alternative transportation:
  • 25 percent of employees walk or ride to work
  • All company vehicles are run on biodiesel which is supported by a portion of used fryer grease
  • Hosts September bike commute challenge
    Purchasing practices:
  • Support and work with like-minded businesses as much as possible
    Encouraging sustainability in others:
  • Educate our staff on methods they can implement at home and at work
  • Encourage other associate businesses to support sustainability and regenerative initiatives
    Promoting social equity:
  • Supply employees with livable wages and a 30 percent shared tip pool
    Community service:
  • Donated $35,000 in 2009 to schools and organizations
  • Volunteer coordinator that organizes efforts in the community with Trillium Family Center, Polar Plunge, Friends of Trees, Growing Gardens, SOLV, Jackson Creek and others



Coffee Bean International
We moved in September 2008 to a new facility, which is a repurposed warehouse that was customized around our core competency: artisan batch coffee roasting at scale. We are the first coffee roaster in the Northwest and second nationally to achieve LEED certification for a roastery. While we are extremely proud of the efficiencies of our LEED-certified building, the massive reduction of tons in the waste stream, a reduction in our GHG emissions per roasted pound, and a strong culture of sustainability, we believe our biggest impact will be in large-scale effort to improve coffee quality globally (which will improve the social equity of millions of coffee growers).

Hopworks Urban Brewery

Perkins Coie LLP
Perkins Coie recognizes that our actions and decisions impact the environment. It is our policy to act as a responsible global citizen by aggressively pursuing and selecting, where reasonable and appropriate, alternatives that fulfill the vital needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is our goal to help preserve and protect the world’s ecosystems and natural resources. The firm will seek opportunities to be active on sustainability initiatives in the communities in which we have offices. This will include appropriate civic activities, as well as pro bono projects as available.