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Green Building


University of Portland: Shiley Hall

The renovation and expansion of Shiley Hall, the Engineering Building at the University of Portland, created 80 percent more useable space for classrooms labs, shop facilities, faculty and administrative offices, conference rooms, a study center, and UP’s data center. The building is at the LEED platinum level, incorporating many sustainable features, including: energy efficient windows, lighting, heating and cooling; reuse of materials, use of recycled materials, and sustainably harvested wood; efficient water fixtures; and sustainable stormwater management. It provides for effective use of facilities, efficient movement of people, and allows extensive daylight.

Employees in Portland metro area: 600

    Energy conservation:
  • Double glazed windows with low-e glass
  • The gallery has cowls in the roof and vents near the floor to draw in cool air during warm seasons
  • An energy efficient data center is in the basement of the new portion of the building
  • Two bike racks were installed to encourage alternate transportation
    Sustainable materials:
  • Sustainably harvested wood in all cabinetry and woodwork
  • 90 percent of the steel used had recycled content
  • Low-VOC paints
  • No products with formaldehyde were used
    Water efficiency:
  • Dual-flush toilets and self-flushing urinals
  • Low-flow faucets
    Waste reduction:
  • Air-blow hand driers in bathrooms reduce paper towel usage
  • Recycling bins in high-traffic areas
  • 95 percent of the construction waste was recycled
    Stormwater management:
  • A portion of the roof is a green roof that drains rainwater to a vegetated planter
  • Water from a portion of the existing roof drains to a separate planter
  • Six box planters allow water to percolate directly to groundwater
  • Sustainable native landscaping around the existing portion of the building
    Enhance or restore natural habitat:
  • An acre of land on the bluff portion of the campus was set aside to be preserved forever as natural habitat
    Indoor air quality:
  • Classrooms have a carbon dioxide monitor to increase fresh-air flow when levels rise
  • Cowls in the roof of the gallery allow fresh air to be drawn in through vents near the floor
  • The tiered classrooms, computer classrooms, and computer lab have under-floor air distribution
  • In shops and labs where welding and soldering take place, proper venting assures that all fumes are drawn away from inhabitants
    Operations and maintenance:
  • Lights in the building are programmed to turn on only when there is insufficient natural light and dim as natural light intensity increases
  • Custodians use green cleaning supplies



Mississippi Avenue Lofts LLC: Mississippi Avenue Lofts
The Mississippi Avenue Lofts is a just completed innovative infill mixed-use condominium project - expected to be certified LEED Platinum - with 32 one- and two-bedroom lofts, studios, modest penthouses and contemporary architectural excellence compatible with the historic Mississippi Avenue district. The building features an open air interior courtyard filled with black bamboo, providing integrated daylighting and natural ventilation. Green building innovations include a state of the art building energy sharing system up to three times more efficient than comparable projects.  Greatly reduced energy, water, and fossil fuel use will result in much lower utility costs.

University of Portland: Shiley Hall

ZGF Architects LLP: Twelve | West
Rising 23 stories above Portland’s evolving West End neighborhood, Twelve|West is a mixed-use building designed to meet two LEED Platinum Certifications and serve as a laboratory for cutting-edge, sustainable design strategies. It features street level retail space, four floors of office space for ZGF Architects LLP, 17 floors of apartments and five levels of below-grade parking. Four wind turbines sit prominently atop the building representing the first U.S. installation of a wind turbine array on an urban, high-rise. Twelve|West serves as not only an anchor in a rapidly transforming urban neighborhood, but also as a demonstration project to inform future sustainable building design.