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Sustainable Food Systems


New Seasons Market

When we started out in 2000, we knew what was most important: be a neighborhood store, a friendly place to shop, a supportive food and farm partner, and a vibrant, equitable place to work. New Seasons Market, a locally owned and operated grocery, is now nine stores strong across three counties, employing over 1700 people. From the very beginning, we have been committed to sustainable business values and practices. More than a business model, this is the basis of who we are as people engaged in a local and global community. It’s a passion and a way of life that we believe in supporting—from farm to people to compost and back to the farm. We believe in the full circle.

Employees in Portland metro area: 1,718
Type of business: Grocery store

    Water efficiency:
  • Reduced food waste through good inventory, ordering and production practices
    Waste reduction:
  • Diverted 5,169,390 pounds of food waste from the landfill in 2009 with composting efforts
    Alternative transportation:
  • Purchases one-third of all products from Oregon, Washington and Northern California, which causes items to travel shorter distances to stores
    Purchasing practices:
  • Purchases one-third of products from local producers
    Encouraging sustainability in others:
  • Maintains a regional food economy that supports small-scale family farms and preserves farmland, which helps keep farmers on the land
  • Promotes the use of organic farming methods
    Promoting social equity:
  • Two full time staff nutritionists offer consultations and teach a variety of free wellness community classes
  • Increased minimum wage for employees to $10 per hour
    Community service:
  • Each of New Seasons’ nine stores has three to five organizations that it donates fresh food to on a weekly basis
  • Gave grants to 15 farmers-markets to subsidize and install food stamp machines to increase access to affordable and nutritious foods
  • Partnered with Food Works to support youth managing a one-acre farm on Sauvie Island, a project that has been active for the last six years
  • Donated 10 percent of after-tax profits to local community, this benefited 605 non-profit organizations in 2009



HOTLIPS Pizza + Soda
In 2009, HOTLIPS paid over $100,000 to local produce farmers, and purchased 36,000 lbs. of fruit from Willamette and Rogue Valley (an additional $55,000 to farmers). In 2010, we will spend $72,000 on fruit and berries, a conservative estimate, and at least the same amount on produce. We believe that the most powerful contribution we can make to a healthy environment and to the culture of our region is to be engaged citizens, innovate and be responsible role models. We buy as much local produce as possible and teach sustainable business principles directly and by example, all strengthening this place we live. HOTLIPS, a trusted brand, is an established and viable platform for all this.

New Seasons Market

Ovations Food Services, LLP
Ovations strives to provide good jobs to a diverse portion of the community, be conscious of our environmental impacts, and keep the Rose Quarter an entertaining and thriving part of our city for years to come. We do this by providing local and sustainable services, one plate at a time.

Papa G’s Vegan Organic Deli
Papa G’s is the restaurant of the future.  We use only organic natural ingredients in all of the food that we prepare from scratch.  All of our food is local and farm direct when available.  We also use all compostable and recycled to go containers and paper products; we don’t even have a trash can in our lobby.  We believe in making the most sustainable choices in every decision that we make and offer great tasting, affordable, organic, natural food prepared with care.  Being a vegan company is also another sign of our commitment to sustainability.