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Whether replacing emergency exit signs, planning a comprehensive renovation to an HVAC system, or looking to install a solar panel on the roof, there are many programs in Portland and Oregon to help finance your project. The BEST Business Center can help you access direct cash incentives, low-interest loans or business tax credits. It has never been easier to go green in Oregon! 

  • BES: Community Watershed Stewardship Program

    The Community Watershed Stewardship Program provides funding, up to $10,000 per project, for activities that promote watershed protection and enhancement. Assistance is available for project planning and connecting applicants to project resources and community organizations.

  • BES: Ecoroof Incentive Program

    The Ecoroof incentive program offers funds and free technical assistance to property owners who install an ecoroof in place of conventional roofing. An ecoroof is a lightweight, vegetated roof system that manages stormwater while providing building energy savings, a longer roof life, and multiple environmental benefits.

  • Energy Trust of Oregon

    Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Oregonians benefit from saving energy and tapping renewable resources. Their services, cash incentives and solutions have helped customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural and Cascade Natural Gas save more than $440 million in energy costs. Learn how your business can get financial help for an energy efficiency or renewable power project.

  • Oregon Department of Energy: Business Energy Tax Credits

    The Oregon Department of Energy offers the Business Energy Tax Credit to those who invest in energy conservation, recycling, renewable energy resources and less-polluting transportation fuels.

  • Oregon Department of Energy: Energy Loan Program

    The Energy Loan Program promotes energy conservation and renewable energy resource development through low-interest loans.  It provides financial support for projects that: save energy; produce energy from renewable resources such as water, wind, geothermal, solar, biomass, waste materials or waste heat; use recycled materials to create products; or use alternative fuels.

  • PDC: Business Services

    Portland Development Commission’s Business Services program can match business owners with financial and technical resources that can give your company a competitive edge.  Depending on your location and the loan program, financing is available for tenant improvements, equipment purchase, process improvements and more.

  • PDC: Green Gain

    The Portland Development Commission’s (PDC) Green Gain Program provides funding for companies to identify and implement cost- and resource-saving programs. This program encourages innovative strategies to eliminate waste and the use or generation of toxic chemicals, and protect human and environmental health. The program is operated by the Zero Waste Alliance (ZWA).  Matching grants up to $15,000 are available.  View the Sustainable Business Assistance Program brochure.