Order Free Resources

Order Free Resources


Recycling Boxes

Order free recycling boxes for every area of your office and make recycling as easy as throwing something away. Paper, notebooks, envelopes, file folders – even bottles and cans can go in the box. We offer a smaller "deskside" box that fits under your desk and a larger "central collection container" that’s convenient for centralized collection points like copier and break rooms.
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Recycling & Composting Posters

Educating your workplace about recycling and composting is easy with posters. By labeling your recycling and composting areas, you'll help reduce waste and save resources. You can order posters from Sustainability at Work or download them in English, Chinese, Spanish, Somali, Russian or Vietnamese.
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Type of poster: Number of posters:
Type of poster: Number of posters:

Faucet Aerators

Order and install faucet aerators. Aerators are easy to install and will reduce your office’s water bill.
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Type of aerator: Number of aerators:

Speak with a Sustainability Advisor

Set up a phone consultation with a Sustainability Advisor. Your Advisor will act as your coach and confidant, helping you take full advantage of these free resources and recommending next steps your organization can take. Learn more about the advisors.
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