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Portland’s pristine primary drinking water source, the Bull Run River and reservoirs, are fed by abundant precipitation most of the year, but are drawn down in summer to supply human consumption and to provide habitat for fish.  By improving the efficiency of water-using equipment and changing processes and operations, businesses can savemoney and help preserve our valuable water resources.

Water Conservation

  • Oregon Environmental Council: Saving Water

    Water savings can affect your bottom line more than you might think. It costs you to buy the water, heat the water and then dispose of the water through sewage charges. So saving this water can have a compound benefit across three different bills.

  • Portland Water Bureau

    Portland’s industrial customers who have enacted water conservation measures have seen very high returns on their investment. Most pay for their investment in less than a year from the savings on utility bills and they continue to reap these savings year after year. The Water Bureau’s conservation assistance line can help determine how businesses might be able to cut water, sewer, energy, and chemical costs by implementing water conservation projects.