Tesco additional products

Tesco is one of the largest chain of hypermarket and grocery store in the world. Founded in 1919 the brand has come a very long way, having thousands of hyper and supermarkets all over the world. With this gigantic growth also come a couple of specialized services about which we would like to talk about in this chapter.

Tesco today is way beyond selling only low priced grocery products. From the Nineties it has started a few lines of business, in parallel with its general merchandise. Let’s enlist a couple of these extra services, this time around:
Tesco Clubcard: This is a sort of a loyalty scheme and Tesco was one of the first grocery chain which decided to release it back in 1995. The Tesco Clubcard system works in many ways. First of all the users can collect points they receive after each one of their shopping. While in the UK one point is received per every British Pound, this system differs in other countries according to the currency of payment. The points can be spent on a selection of goods after a while in form of money-vouchers.


Tesco Credit Card: This is a card which is different from the Clubcard system, but in the same time it’s condition can be for its holder to also hold a registered Club Card. Tesco’s own credit system has been working for many years now, especially since the hypermarkets have started to offer larger home appliances such as fridges, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers and electronics such as televisions which generally come for a higher price not many can pay all in one from their pocket. Credit card holders can also collect points on their credit cards the same ways as Clubcard owners do.
Petrol Stations: The first Tesco branded petrol station opened as early as 1974. Since then Tesco has been pairing up its hypermarkets with its own branded petrol stations where it offers petrol for a generally lower price than other petrol companies offer it. In 1998 Tesco has started a business cooperation with the large ESSO petrol company by which many Esso petrol stations are now paired up with a Tesco Express store.

Tesco Bank: being found only in the area of the United Kingdom Tesco has established its own financing system being in venture with the Royal Bank of Scotland. This way, it’s way easier for it to offer loans even mortgages for certain high priced products. Loans are also offered in other countries where there are no Tesco banks so far.

Telecommunications: as of today, Tesco offers telecommunication services in form of mobile virtual network operation in the area of the United Kingdom, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic and in Ireland. The company has agreement with O2 to use their communication network except for Hungary where Tesco is in agreement with Vodafone. Tesco mobile phone packages come for a good price, they also offer mobile phones in and out of contract for whole or partial payment.

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